2022.10 / Delivered
CFCL Inc. / Client
Omotesando, Tokyo, Japan / Location
119.93 sqm

Hideki Makiguchi / Photographer

東京発のファッションブランド「CFCL」初の旗艦店「CFCL OMOTESANDO」の空間設計をしました。



MMA designed a first flagship store of Tokyo-based fashion brand CFCL in GYRE OMOTESANDO.

CFCL is a brand with a philosophy. We sympathize with their philosophy and want to embody it without noise.

By combining necessary functions such as counters and benches into one, the shop's components are minimized and reduced to a minimalist, massive shape. As a contrast to the shape, delicate textures are combined to give a rich expression, designed to make clothes look more beautiful. The floors and mouldings are made of mortar dyed and treated for CFCL, while the walls are finished with a textured special paint.

By keeping the enough space and allowing the layout to change freely, we gave the store a sense of flexibility and development.  We believe this is a space where visitors can experience CFCL evolving over time.