2023.03 / Delivered
CFCL Inc. / Client
Yaesu, Tokyo, Japan / Location

Hideki Makiguchi / Photographer

変化していく東京の玄関口である八重洲にCFCL の直営2号店を設計しました。

初の旗艦店である表参道の1号店に引き続き、ミニマルでマッシブな形状、繊細なテクスチャーの組み合わせというコンセプトのもと全体を構成し、CFCL の衣服が持つ色彩の豊かさを視覚的に楽しめるよう、曲線的な什器を作りました。

路面店のため外光を取り込めるという好条件を活かし、1 日を通して光のうつろいと衣服の持つ表情の変化を楽しむことができる空間となっています。

MMA designed the second directly-managed CFCL store in the ever-changing Tokyo district of Yaesu, in front of Tokyo Station. 

Continuing from the Omotesando store, the concept is a combination of minimalistic, massive shapes and delicate textures, with a curvilinear fixture configuration to enjoy the richness of CFCL’s colors visually. 

Stainless steel material was used for the hanger fixtures, and the shiny curves look stunning in the matt textured space, giving lightness and movement. The curves also make it easier to see the products, and the collection can be seen beautifully from the entrance.

The space is located in a position that allows outside light to enter so that visitors can enjoy the changes of light and the various expressions of the clothes.