2021.09 / Delivered
BIGI Co.,Ltd. / Client
Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan / Location

Jun Yasui / Photographer

ビギから新しいウィメンズブランド「デパリエ( DÉPAREILLÉ )」が立ち上がりました。1960年代のパリに満ちていた時代の変化のムードを現代に落としこむというコンセプト。その雰囲気を伝えるため、自然素材を使った強度のあるデザインにしています。


Bigi, a fashion clothing company, released a new brand for women called DÉPAREILLÉ. The brand concept aims to revive the exciting moods of the 1960s Paris. The design of the brand store emphasizes natural materials and timeless values.

In zoning, the curves of sectional areas form a space of “wonder.” The fitting room and backyard are carefully placed so that when customers enter the space and look for their favorite clothes, they will see a whole line of clothes vividly. The space is divided into three sections, each of which has a unique feature: the front where popular products are displayed, the middle where the products are arranged as if they are stored in a closet, and the back where individual products are displayed. The floor is covered with mortar containing lime charcoal, with large pieces of a special stone, the Date Kan stone, partially placed. These stones are boulders, and are oval-shaped when cut. An impressive cut surface with traces of the blade was left and used as the finish. It retains traces of the first contact with air at the moment it was cut. The gray color of the cut surface would also fit the brand image.

Many of the materials are used in their "raw" state to showcase individual characteristics, including flat bars of black-coated iron, the base material of iron for the hanger rack, and organic aesthetics added to the space.

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