2024.1 / Delivered
EBISU POST,Tokyo,Japan / Location
Hideki Makiguchi / Photographer

MMAが刊行するジャーナルMMA FRAGMENTS VOL.3 GLASSの発刊を記念して恵比寿にあるアートブック・ショップPOSTにて開催された展覧会。
設計事務所MMA Inc.は2022年から素材への関心・視点をビジュアライズしたジャーナルを発表してきました。数え切れないほどの『かけらたち(fragments)』の集積から生まれる空間、その想像のプロセスを展示しました。

An exhibition held at the art bookshop POST in Ebisu to commemorate the release of MMA's journal MMA FRAGMENTS VOL.3 GLASS.

Since 2022, the architectural firm MMA Inc. has been publishing a journal visualizing their interest in and perspective on materials. This exhibition showcased the spatial narratives born from the accumulation of countless "fragments," offering insight into the imaginative process behind them.

Display stands were crafted from recyclable paper, designed to accommodate cardboard boxes for transporting exhibit materials. Captions were directly printed onto the stands alongside the exhibited items, allowing visitors to photograph and take them home, creating an interactive and immersive experience whilst also embodying the ethos of sustainability and accessibility.