2021.12 / Delivered
Imperial Hotel, Ltd. / Client
WELCOME Co., Ltd / Project Direction
Bootleg / 
Graphic Design
 Hibiya, Tokyo, Japan / Location

Hideki Makiguchi / Photographer


計り売りで買えるデリカテッセン、焼きたてのパン、和菓子などの食料品が並び、小さなイートインスペースも併設の「Epicerie GARGANTUA」。空間の中央に大きなカウンターを作り、周りをぐるぐると回遊できるようにしています。通路幅を広く設けているので、会計中のお客様と商品を選ばれるお客様が混在せず、自然にゆったりと空間を一周できるように設計しました。

「Patisserie GARGANTUA 」はホテルのパティスリー部門が手がけるオリジナルのチョコレートやマカロン、そしてケーキが並ぶスペース。入り口正面のカウンターは他と雰囲気を変え、大理石を貼り込んでいます。そこにマカロンとチョコレートを並べ、まるで宝石のような見せ方をしたいというクライアントの要望を実現しました。「Epicerie」と「Patisserie」を繋ぐ空間の壁の一部を窓にすることで2つの区画をつなげています。

焼き菓子やオリジナルの冷凍食品などが置かれる「Cadeau GARGANTUA」ではオリジナルのGARGANTUAに特徴的だった暖かみのある雰囲気を踏襲し、床と壁を木で仕上げています。箱入りのギフト用商品を綺麗に見せるために、カウンターの上に蝋で作ったサンプルだけを置き、実際の商品は下部に陳列することですっきりとわかりやすい売り場にすることを提案しました。



In 1971, before the idea of experiencing “hotel dining at home” came into being, The Tokyo Imperial Hotel, had already established their own foods section, GARGANTUA.
Following the 50th anniversary, the entire space moved from the main building to a first floor location in the Tower building.
It wasn’t long before, the floorspace more than doubled in size and the concept of having three distinct spaces with counters from which to pick and choose began to take shape.

One section, houses a delicatessen offering freshly baked bread and Wagashi (Japanese sweets) along with other assorted foods for take home or dining-in at the eat-in area, Epicerie GARGANTUA. The large counter at the center of this space, is  designed to encourage circulation and movement around its outer edges. By design, this creates a passage-way, naturally leading patrons to converge into a medley of those placing orders while others peruse for items.

The hotel’s designated patisserie, Patisserie GARGANTUA, entices with its line-up of original chocolates, macarons and display of assorted cakes. A marble topped counter, greets you in the entranceway, punctuating the change in atmosphere and distinguishing it from the other two counters. In keeping with the client’s vision, the arrangement of chocolates and macarons is based upon the appearance of gemstones.
The two separate spaces for the Epicerie and Patisserie are visually tied together by windows placed within the connecting wall.

Cadeau GARGANTUA’s selection of baked sweets and original frozen delicacies, rests within a distinctively comforting atmosphere, reminiscent of the original GARGANTUA. An elegant approach to the display of gift boxed items belies an understated functionality. Wax samples are set handsomely atop the counter for viewing, with actual items for purchase, tucked away neatly, in the recessed shelf space, down below.

Shared design elements and finishes bestow an unbroken continuity, unifying the distinct 3 spaces.
Even as The Tokyo Imperial Hotel’s brand, evokes a sense of composure and weightiness, it is a grandeur realized, in part, through the nuanced application of a few basic raw materials. Foremost among these being: concrete hardened, surface oxidized, color treated tiles which are both energy efficient and recyclable. Contrasting front and rear faces on the tiles are integrated into the design, through the accentuation of a visible cross section. The tile’s front side, visible in the countertop setting and rear face, revealed in the floor and baseboard applications.

Lighting positioned within the upper portion of the space, changes in appearance depending on one’s location within the space. Generating the illusory sensation of the border floating in mid-air, was made possible through the adoption of a special installation method. This design attempts to convey those characteristics unique to each of the spaces within, while being careful to maintain a unified feeling throughout.