2022.1 / Delivered
Paris, France / Location

Olivier Baco / Photographer

2022年1月にパリで行われたHOMME PLISSE ISSEY MIYAKE 2022/23 AWコレクションのインスタレーション・デザインを担当しました。これまで映像のみで展示を行ってきましたが、今回は初めてインスタレーション形式で発表を行いました。“完成されたコレクションだけではなく制作過程も見せたい”というクライアントの要望から、コレクションの製作過程にまつわる資料を用いて会場全体を構成しました。



天窓があり光が強く入る「プロセスルーム」では、天井に半透過の布を設置して、抽象的な白く明るい空間を作り、プリーツをかける前後のプロダクトを浮かべています。平面的な服にプリーツをかける事で立体となるHOMME PLISSEのプロダクトそのものの面白さを、空間を用いて見せられるような演出にしました。プリーツがかかる前のサイズは完成形のサイズの倍以上の幅があり、両方を展示することでリズムが生まれています。その奥ではコレクション映像がスクリーンに流れており、入口から映像を背景に「プロセスルーム」に浮かぶプロダクトを見ることができます。



MMA designed the installation design for the HOMME PLISSE ISSEY MIYAKE 2022/23 AW collection held in Paris in January 2022. In the past, the collection has been exhibited using video only, but this was the first time the collection was presented in the form of an installation. The client wanted to show not only the completed collection but also the production process, so we composed the entire venue using materials related to the production process of the clothes.

The venue was an old Parisian building with characteristic decorations and skylights. We divided it into three zones - the Inspiration Room, the Process Room and the Collection Room - and designed each room according to its own characteristics.

In the low-lit 'Inspiration Room', the entire wall is covered and devoid of decoration, and a projector is used to project research images to create a black space where the beginning of the collection can be seen.

In the 'Process Room', which has a skylight and is highly lit, a semi-transparent fabric is installed on the ceiling to create an abstract white, bright space where the clothes float before being pleated. The space is used to show the fascination of the Homme Plissé products themselves, which become three-dimensional when pleated on two-dimensional clothing. The size of the pleated garment before pleating is more than twice as wide as the finished garment, and by displaying both, a rhythm is created. At the back of the room, a collection video is shown on a large screen, and the clothes can be seen floating in the 'process room' from the entrance against the backdrop of the video.

The last room, the 'Collection Room', had a bare concrete floor, so it was treated as a neutral grey space and designed to fill the space with a large-sized display of photographs of the collection, with the actual collection neatly placed in the middle of it.

The collection is the result of a long thought process that begins with research. We provided a site-specific space where the audience could appreciate and visually experience the process of creation.