2023.12 / Delivered
Private customer / Client
Tokyo, Japan / Location

Hideki Makiguchi / Photographer

既存の駐車場を残すためにその部分を避けて設計計画をしたため、北側に開口を開きました。そのため、移り変わる光を室内に取り入れるためのGlass roomを中央に設けました。光のボイドに接する部屋は吹き抜けになっており、1階まで柔らかな光が落ちていきます。

We designed a residence with a large roof.

Taking care to preserve the existing parking area by integrating it into our design plan, we opened up the northern facade, maximizing natural light and maintaining a connection with the surrounding. A central Glass room was introduced to facilitate this interplay of light, while rooms adjoining the void feature soaring ceiling, allowing soft light to cascade down to the ground floor.

The creation of a substantial roof not only lends architectural character but also fosters a comfortable indoor environment by establishing an insulating layer between roof and walls, preventing direct transmission of summer heat.

Reflective materials on the roof complement the plastered walls, which have been finished with the same earth-tone as the soil to further enhance synergy with nature. As the newly-planted surrounding vegetation flourishes, so too will the house —the verdant greenery complements the design, imbuing this urban dwelling with a profound sense of nature.