Museum of roadside art

 2022.10 / Delivered
KENELEPHANT Co.,Ltd. / Client
Mukoujima, Tokyo, Japan / Location

Hideki Makiguchi / Photographer

「都築響一コレクション大道芸術館 museum of roadside art」を設計しました。
昭和の息吹・大衆文化を現代アートとしてとらえたこの美術館では、1FにVIP ROOM、2F に BAR COUNTER、3Fには閉館した鳥羽伏見の秘宝館コレクションが置かれ、かつ各所に都築響一さんのアート・コレクションを展示する空間を作りました。

MMA designed the 'Kyoichi Tsuzuki Collection Museum of roadside art'.
The entire building, a former ryotei (Japanese-style restaurant) in Mukojima, Tokyo, was renovated. The museum, which captures the breath of the Showa period and popular culture as contemporary art, has a VIP room on the first floor, a bar counter on the second floor and the closed Toba Fushimi adult museum collection on the third floor, as well as spaces to display Kyoichi Tsuzuki's art collection in various locations.


いまだ日本最大の集客記録である 6千万人以上が集い「人類の進歩と調和」を目撃した、1970年の大阪万博で頂点に達したあの時代。あちこちの観光地に、祭の場に、路傍に咲いた昭和元禄の徒花たち。それはもう昭和を知らない若者の幻想にしか花を咲かせられないのか。美術館は珍しいもの、ひとつしかないものを集め見せてくれる。どこにでもあったもの、たくさんあったものは、ほとんど忘れられ、いつのまにか消えていくだけだ。




Showa Kissaten (tea house), Showa songs, Showa love hotels......
The everyday culture of nearly half a century ago is now being evaluated. By young people who were not even born then.

More than 60 million people, still Japan's largest ever visitor record, gathered to witness 'the progress and harmony of mankind', That era reached its zenith with the 1970 Osaka Expo.
The Showa Genroku era bloomed here and there in sightseeing spots, at festivals and on roadsides at that time.
Can they only bloom in the fantasies of young people who no longer know the Showa era?
Museums collect and show us rare and unique objects. Things that were everywhere, things that existed in abundance, are almost forgotten and will disappear before we know it.

This is how we lose one treasure after another. We repeatedly realise after we have lost them.

For a long time, I have been wandering the streets of Japan, picking up bits and pieces of culture that disappear like arrows between light and shade.
I hope to be able to show some of them here, and to revive even just the remnants of the culture that has been lost, My journey, which has now lasted nearly half a century, will not have been a total waste.

Kyoichi Tsuzuki