N organic

 2022.04 / Delivered
SIROK, Inc. / Client
NIHONBASHI Takashimaya S.C., Tokyo, Japan / Location

Hideki Makiguchi / Photographer

コスメブランドN organicの直営店舗2号店、N organic 日本橋髙島屋S.C.店の空間設計をしました。
ウェブショップ販売からスタートし、リアル店舗へと販路拡大してきたN organicの歩みを踏まえ、訪れる人がブランドの価値観をより体感できる場を目指し、デザインしました。間口はオープンとし入りやすさを心がけつつ、上部をボーダーで囲うことによって店舗としての存在感を高めました。また、商品を見やすく、かつ手に取りやすいようにボトルや容器と相性の良いマテリアルを選定し、全体的にワントーンで仕上げることによってブランドの世界観を表現しています。


MMA designed N organic Nihombashi Takashimaya S.C. shop, the second shop of the Japanese cosmetics brand "N organic".
Based on the history of N organic, which started as a web shop and expanded its sales channels to real shops, we designed the store with the aim of creating a place where visitors can experience the values of the brand. The frontage is open and easy to enter, while the upper part is surrounded by a border to enhance the shop's presence. Materials that go well with the bottles and containers were selected to make the products easy to see and pick up, and the overall one-tone finish expresses the brand's aesthetics.

The counter is positioned in the centre of the shop as a communication space where customers can experience the products. Black stainless steel is used for the top panel to tighten the space, and the sink, which is essential for shop's function, is incorporated as part of the counter. The shop is designed around this counter so that customers can walk around the shop in a relaxed manner while looking at the products.