2019.10 / Delivered
TAKAKURA & Co. / Client
Shirogane,Tokyo,Japan / Location

 Hideki Makiguchi / Photographer



澤田 翔平さんがデザインしたRAMAのロゴを身近に感じてもらえるように、カーブしたカウンターにはロゴのパーツが散りばめられています。これらの真鍮のピースは集めるとRAMAのロゴになります。



Down a backstreet in Shirokane, you will find a dark red building on the corner.
On the first floor of the building, there is an Italian restaurant called RAMA. Our project was to design the restaurant’s interior.

We installed a curved counter for guests to sit around, with nine seats, in the middle of the restaurant. From the street, people passing by the restaurant can view the interior as well as guests enjoying conversations over meals and drinks through a large window.

The shapes of brass pieces embedded in the counter’s surface are taken from the restaurant’s logo designed by Shohei Sawada so as to integrate it with the interior decoration.
The red tint of the countertop provides a more delicious background for the presentation of food. Brass light stands create an illuminated boundary between the chef and guests.
The curves of chairs designed by Kensaku Oshiro add rhythm to the interior and suggest playfulness.

The tableware is carefully selected to match the interior and the color of the countertop. A New Italian menu including Japanese ingredients is served in beautiful vessels that mix with the space and enhance the dining experience.

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