2018.03 / Delivered
ACRO inc./WELCOME Co., Ltd. / Client
TOKYO MIDTOWN HIBIYA,Tokyo ,Japan / Location
NEW LIGHT POTTERY / Original pendant light

Hideki Makiguchi / Photographer




インテリア設備には、外光の入るレストラン部分に、筒状のシェードを手吹きガラスで仕上げた照明を採用しました。奈良の照明ブランドNEW LIGHT POTTERYと協業し出来上がったのは、昼は日差しを受けてガラスが光り、夜はガラスから発光するという演出的要素が強い照明。型に入れないことで無垢のガラスのとろっとした素材そのものの印象を残し、筒の底をぽってりと厚くすることで、グラデーションになって落ちた光が下に溜まります。THREEの商品のボトルがネイルポリッシュの小瓶までガラスでできていることもヒントになりました。

The assignment of this project was to design the interior of a new store for the cosmetic brand THREE in Tokyo Midtown Hibiya. This is the first THREE store to have an adjoining restaurant and delicatessen in a conventional store space.

In zoning with the three functions—store, restaurant, and delicatessen—in a fixed section, my first idea was to create a counter with a big, seamless top running through from the restaurant to the delicatessen to symbolize the whole space. However, materials like marble are too heavy for the brand image, and don’t convey the casual and contemporary look I imagined. Instead, I decided to use concrete, the color of which reflects the gray theme color of THREE. I also incorporated stone so as to create a dignified ambience coherent with the brand image of THREE, which deals in cosmetics for both women and men. I have been researching domestic stone for a long time. Of the types available, I thought that river stones would give an elegant look when sharpened, so for THREE, I decided to use Oiso stone, which is particularly abundant in color. As a result, a glossy counter with an ample inorganic tabletop embedded with colorful stones was born. After repeated polishing, it became as shiny as a marble.

Furthermore, I used laminated bamboo to produce the shop’s furniture. Due to its rapid growth rate, bamboo is considered a sustainable material and thus matches the brand concept of THREE, which offers natural skin care products in addition to mode makeup products. I intentionally concealed bamboo knots to give the designs a contemporary look. For the partition in the facade, glass with embedded stainless fine mesh are used. They become luminous when reflect light.

A light with a cylindrical, hand-blown glass shade was installed in the restaurant where natural light enters. It was created in collaboration with the lighting brand NEW LIGHT POTTERY from Nara prefecture. Enhanced with a performance effect, the glass shade of the light reflects and uses sunlight for illumination during the day. At night, light is emitted from within the glass shade. Due to the raw, intact quality of the solid glass, which cannot be obtained from molding, the light creates a gradation as it falls into the thickened bottom of the shade. This idea was inspired by the glass bottles used for THREE products, even those of nail polish.

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