2019.08 / Delivered
Minatoku, Tokyo, Japan / Location

 Hideki Makiguchi / Photographer

ジュエリーブランドSIRI SIRI初の路面店です。東京ミッドタウンからもほど近いこの場所は、もともと歯科医院でした。70年代に建てられたタイル張りのマンションの一角で、水平に広がる窓にガラスのジュエリーがさりげなく輝くショップは、赤坂の住宅街に溶け込んでいます。

このショップのコンセプトは、SIRI SIRIのデザイナー岡本菜穂さんとスイス、イタリア、北海道、長野を周り、建築や自然を眺めることで見えてきました。



Located closed to Tokyo Midtown in Akasaka, the jewelry brand SIRI SIRI opened a new store in a space that previously housed a dental clinic. It is located in a corner of a tiled mansion built in the 70s. From the horizontal window facing a small street, a passerby might see glass jewelries shining subtly. The store blends into the residential neighborhood.

We developed a concept from her travels with the brand’s designer, Naho Okamoto. Naho and Momoko went to Switzerland and Italy, then Hokkaido and Nagano in Japan and were deeply inspired by the architecture and nature in these places.

Dynamic and yet detailed and delicate, We attempted to visualize the characteristics of the brand through the design of the space. As per the client’s request, the store has three functions: to showcase, to sell, and to produce. Each space has its own features that represent its function. For “showcasing,” the space is poetic and dynamic so that the beauty of the jewelries can be seen in a slightly unusual manner. The sales area is placed in a wooden box and plays the role of a casual communication space. Connected to this, there is a studio where products are produced.

The glossy floor, which looks as if it is filled with water, is covered with resin that contains charcoal powder and mica. The darkness of resin differs depending on the smoothness of the floor. The deeper the concavity, the darker the floor gets. The shallower it is, the lighter the floor, and the bare concrete of the floor shows though. These shades, created by incorporating the existing floor topography, convey the history of the building.

While the floor is shiny and slick, the walls painted in the brand’s signature blue gray have a rough texture with visible brush strokes that give a solid appearance. Depending on the time of the day, the color changes its nuance in accordance with sunlight.

The store offers an extraordinary experience for customers. The studio where jewelries are produced is in the rear. In between, there is a small space where the cashier is located. It has the feeling of a small house where people can relax and feel the warmth of the wood. The ceiling is lower than that of the store, so when seated on a bench facing the cashier, one might notice that the two spaces overlap each other.

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