2020.07 / Delivered
 ORBIS Inc./ Client
Minamiaoyama,Tokyo,Japan / Location
 Takram / Project Lead & Creative Direction
Takram / Art Direction & Design
 George Creative Company / Cafe & VMD

 Takashi Kawashima / Photographer








When ORBIS––a Japanese skincare brand––undertook its rebranding, MMA participated in the project to design its two-storied flagship store, which is dedicated to experimental in-store service. From its conceptualization to the development of its design, we worked on the project for several years until the store’s eventual opening.

We designed the first floor to be a space that is open to the public by placing a juice bar in a busy corner of Aoyama, whereas the second floor was made a closed space for online members so that the floors are divided in accordance with their purposes. Thus, the brand concept of ORBIS, “beautify your comfort,” is realized in the actual setting.

On the first floor of the building, there are counters for experimental in-store services, hand-washing, and original products. The store contains five light pillars made of handmade frosted glass, which add a sense of depth to the spacious room.
A shelf that holds a single row of products was placed at the back end of the store. The shelf displays a limited number of products to the customers when they enter the store, thereby suggesting the availability of products while focusing on the in-store experience.

Randomly shaped tiles that were broken by hand were used as the flooring material. They provide a soft atmosphere to the interior space. Typically, some tiles are rejected due to the color quality control during the production process. However, we proposed using all the produced tiles, even though some tiles would be considered uneven. The quality tiles are lined up all over the first floor.

Features such as the tiles, paint, light pillars that change color based on time, plants, and LED screens with moving images were designed with a sense of movement in order to create a comfortable space. Additionally, moving images are projected onto materials such as fabrics and blinds in the space in order to avoid using monitors and generate an analog appearance.

The second floor has a salon, semi-private powder rooms, and a workshop space. The salon has a low ceiling to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere. There is a dedicated powder room and waiting seats. Each semi-private powder room has a ring light, which indicates if the room is occupied or not. In addition, the powder rooms are designed as booths and are entirely removable in case the client needs more space.

Since we participated in the project when the exterior of the building was being designed, we proposed the planting design that connects the inside and outside of the building. On the first floor, plants are arranged from the outside to the inside, thereby casting a beautiful shadow of leaves on the sofa. On the second floor, our design plan shows a planting arrangement that dynamically floats in the space.

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