Sotheby’s Japan Office

 2022.05 / Delivered
Sotheby’s Japan / Client
Roppongi, Tokyo, Japan / Location
230.53 sqm

Hideki Makiguchi / Photographer




MMA designed a new office for Sotheby's Japan.
We are conscious of balancing both the utility as an office, and a providing comfort for entertaining visitors.

The entrance, which is the face of the office, functions not only as a regular reception area but also as a hub that leads directly to each room. The layout eliminates unnecessary flow lines and provides efficient access to all rooms.

The space is gently divided by a symbolic partition in the centre, which provides a material contrast by combining heavy marble and light perforated metal. To give the space as a whole an elegant impression, the floor and wall finishes are limited to wood and paint. The combination of materials is soothing, but the arrangement has been designed to create a fresh impression.

The reception and meeting rooms are arranged to take advantage of the location on the upper floors. As you enter each room from the entrance, the view opens up at once and you can enjoy the incredible view from the window.