2014.06 / Delivered
Private customer / Client
Nakameguro,Tokyo,Japan / Location
Momoko Kudo / DAIKEI MILLS

Hideki Makiguchi / Photographer





Interior design for a wine store located on the first floor of an old building along Meguro Street in Tokyo. I was asked to remodel a former ironworks factory with a high ceiling and bare soil floors.

The client was the female owner of the wine store, who has a huge affection for bio wines. “A place with a long history is somehow similar to bio wine, which requires significant time to be produced.” Inspired by her words, I retained the mortar walls, covered with iron powder and plan drawings by factory workers. In contrast, I adopted steel-based polishing materials for doors and other joiners, which would take on a different patina by being polished through the years.

I created a small space between two doors to the interior and exterior and laid down reddish soil mixed with iron powder. The space is set back from the inner door to the store side, and avoids direct sunlight hitting the seller. A stone set in front of the inner door gives height so that customers step onto it to enter the store which is raised from the ground.

Commercially speaking, the ideal approach is to maximize effective area in a provided space to display as many items as possible. However, I personally find shops that cater only to promotion a bit stuffy. Unlike online shopping, that offers the consumer’s desire with a direct click, I wonder whether it is possible to find value in useless choices, and even in wasting time in the margins of architecture, in the real space. I think about such things constantly.

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