2023.03 / Delivered
THE VINE Co.,Ltd. / Client
WELCOME Co.,Ltd./Project Direction
Azabujyuban / Tokyo, Japan / Location

Hideki Makiguchi / Photographer

DEAN&DELUCAの新しい業態であるワインストアを麻布十番に設計しました。物販である“ワインを売る場所”と“角打ち用のカウンター” “外席”の3つの要素を空間の中に作りました。ワインセラーは店内に2部屋作り、その他にもオープンのワインストック、店内の棚など種類を多く取り揃えたお店となっています。店外からワインを売っている雰囲気と、中でワインを楽しむ人々の雰囲気が両方が見えるような配置にしています。




MMA designed a wine store, a new type of business for DEAN&DELUCA in Azabujuban. We created three elements in the space: a place to sell wine, a corner counter and outside seating. 

Two wine cellars have been built inside the shop, and the shop also has an open wine stock and shelves insidewith a large variety of wines. The wine cellar is arranged in such a way that both the atmosphere of shops and the people enjoying wine inside can be seen from outside.

As wine is a product that is difficult to see the turnover of products, the corner space (inside and outside seating) helps to create a lively atmosphere.

The entire space is warmly wrapped in brick-coloured tiles and the counter is covered with pewter, a soft metal material. This material was used to give the countertops a softness that does not bother you when you put a glass on them. As it is used, the surface becomes scratched, which is another expression of the finish.

In the pleasant season, you can enjoy a glass of wine outside, and the atmosphere blends in with the city. We hope that this shop will take root in Azabu Juban for a long time to come